Hops is our life for more than 150 years.

We are a family company and we are living in close contact with hops for more than 150 years as we are the fifth generation in our family that produces hops on the local home farm. We are engaged in the production and sale of Slovenian hops. Per customer’s request, we can arrange the purchase of any hops produced worldwide or the type of a hop product.

With good quality and fast delivery anywhere in the world we are trying to meet all the clients' wishes, including the required analysis, Global Praxis (GP), ISO standards and environmental protection. We are available for all the information all in order to get the best possible decisions.

The slogan that you want to keep in your mind: from friends to friends.

When the beer captures the aroma of hops from the sunny side of the Alps, you just cannot forget it.


Styrian varieties

Traditional varieties, aromatic varieties and bitter varieties

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Styrian flavour hops varieties

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